28 ian. 2007


At 10:00 LT we went to the church very close to our apartment:

Catalina's cousin is priest in Dallas (http://www.sfantamaria-dallas.org/). But this Sunday was also a priest in Bucharest, at Sf. Ilie Church.
Before lunch I went to the park, and I take some photos for this blog.

Old house with a very sad story.

Old house near the second largest building in the world (after Pentagon).

One of the Bucharest symbols.

Street close to the Herestrau Park.

After lunch, and after some delicious "spaghetti", we visit my parents. So, you can tell that this Sunday was a "non-scientific" one. But tomorrow another week begins, so I see you at 05:00 LT in the morning, I will be working at thesis.
My plans for the next week are:
  • finish my first paper for PhD;
  • first results of the SEVERE Project, in which I work with my friend Adam (http://www.thoughtfishing.com/);
  • send my article about the onset of cloud-to-ground lightning activity to Romanian Journal of Meteorology;
  • discuss the participation of Romania in the EUCLID(http://www.euclid.org/realtime.html);
  • start my paper for EGU 2007 conference (http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2007/)
  • study from Bluestein book on synoptic meteorology;
  • learn MATLAB
  • "thinking about the future" (I will explain some day).
So I finish for today with one more picture. This picture is from a bus:

On the paper is written: At the The Museum of the Romanian Peasant a chair is not only a chair, it's a story. And after that, is the logo of the, Always new since 1906. This is the web page of the museum: http://www.muzeultaranuluiroman.ro/.

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Aura spunea...

incepe sa arate marfa.dar cred ca se poate si mai bine, parerea mea.

luci2k66 spunea...

Super tare.o sa imi fac si eu un blog.Sper sa ma inveti...Cat despre ce ai scris numai de bine.