25 ian. 2007

My first post


This will be a blog about meteorology, and also a blog about me
trying to became a meteorologist and a researcher.

For the moment I'm study for my Ph.D. in Romania at the
University of Bucharest (http://unibuc.ro/en/home),
in the Faculty of Physics (http://unibuc.ro/en/fac_ffiz_en).

Tomorrow I will have my first exam for the Ph.D., so I spend
the entire day reading about Fourier Transform and Wavelet Transform.
You will find an excellent tutorial about Wavelet Transform at

So, if you want to know about :
  • my path in meteorology
  • meteorology in Romania
  • my job at the Romanian National Meteorological Administration
  • ...and even my wedding (which will be in this summer)

read my blog.

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